Dedicated November 18, 1893

The original Jackson Summit Regular Baptist Church was constructed during 1893. In mid-April 1893, Pastor Watrous started digging for the Church foundation and the next afternoon requested a load of stone from Roy Smith. It was delivered posthaste, evidently free of charge.

Materials and labor for the original building totaled $587.73. We know the roof shingles cost $35, and materials were purchased from four major sources: (1) Bly, (2) George & Simon Patterson, (3) Frulic Bros. and (4) Edgecomb. Ornamental paper cost $12.87 and plaster paper $15. Three trips were taken to Elmira and one each to Roseville, Lamb’s Creek, and Knoxville to consult with other or place orders.

We have the most detail about the interior furnishings including: stove, pipe, and wire $8.38; oil and blacking $.32; stove installation $.40; chairs $46; pulpit chair $3; pulpit stand $.85; carpet $8.34; lamps and handles $2.91. About $75 was expended for these first furnishings.

Money was collected to cover these costs for materials, labor and furnishings in a variety of ways. A subscription paper was circulated by Pastor Watrous which netted $75. Organizations solicited for funds included Foster Publishing Co., the Baptist Association, the local Christian Endeavor, Ladies Aide Association, a Dollar Society and a group of friends from Chester County, PA. Several successful festivals and suppers were held as well. The Pastor and his wife, as well as deacons Geo. Hughes, John Gillett, H. Hollands and J. Gifford contributed substantially. These additional contributors and their contributions were duly recorded, often more than once, including at the dedication service itself in November 1893:

Mrs. Lucy Allen

Mr. & Mrs. C. Hughes

C. Belknapp

C. H. Johnson

Rev. W. Bond

D. B. Lain

L. Burrough

Mrs. Logan of Blossburg

Mr. & Mrs. Cleveland

Esther Morgan

Emery Cleveland

L. W. Morrell

Mrs. Coburn

Mrs. Morse

Mrs. George Drake

Philip Petty or Pettie

John Earley

John Sedinger

Rev. Fradenburg

James R. Sheldon

Ivy Friends

Simeon Shepherd

Mr. & Mrs. R. S. Friends

Ivy Sisson

E. B. Gage

Charles Smith

Mrs. Archie Spencer

Charles Updyke

Miss Frankie Spencer

H. Updyke

May Spencer

Mr. & Mrs. Warren Whipple

Dora Spratt

Rev. C. S. Williams

Mrs. Warren Swartwood

Mrs. Yelland

Mrs. Toby